How times have changed. 20 to 30 years ago, CCTV was virtually unheard of in the household. Today tells a different story..

Homeowners are looking to protect their home and help ward off or catch criminal activity in and around their property, such as burglary, anti social behaviour, and vandalism. Business CCTV has almost become the norm, with more expensive equipment, information, and valuables to protect including staff.

Well, there's no need to lose sleep worrying anymore!

Spying Eye CCTV installers Leeds are installing CCTV systems in Leeds, and across the West Yorkshire region for security conscious home, office, and business owners looking for a minimally invasive security solution.

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home cctv systems leeds

CCTV Systems Leeds

Our team of skilled home CCTV installers will create a CCTV system to suit you, including 1 to 8 or more full HD quality infra red cameras. Home security - day and night!

office cctv leeds

CCTV Leeds

Keep an eye your office day and night, inside and outside, with an office CCTV system bespoke to your needs. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote and site survey.

business cctv installers leeds

CCTV Installers Leeds

With Business CCTV you can watch over your business even while you are away with continuous recording day and night, and the ability to view live images on your mobile phone, laptop, or over the internet.

talking cctv in leeds

CCTV Leeds

Our CCTV systems can be fitted with speakers, enabling you to have talking CCTV! Alert intruders you are recording their every move - and that the police have been dispatched - with talking CCTV.

We choose to use high quality, infra red dome cameras. They fit neatly and compact to external or internal surfaces, making our CCTV systems unobtrusive.

Whether you need 1 camera to 8 or more, all our CCTV systems are equipped with full HD quality day and night vision, continuous or motion detection recording, and the ability to have audio recording, view your cameras live or speak to intruders even when you are away from your home, business, or office.

You can choose to have installed one of our 4 or 8 camera CCTV systems, or the option to have a bespoke CCTV system if you have futher requirements. Whichever you choose, the Spying Eye team will advise and make sure you are completely satisfied with all details before commencing any works.

For more information and to see the lateset offers, please visit our CCTV services Leeds page, or get in touch for a free no-obligation quote and site survey!